Rummed / The Space

Rummed /The Space is a sound- and recording studio specialized in production and composition of individuel music projects as well as co writing, top lining and production of external export music. Rummed / The space is a creative work environment established to attain the best possible results from a creative process, while working with high end gear as well as ambitions suited for international standards. We are located in Århus, Denmark.

Rummed / The Space is made up by a handful of skilled songwriters, composers and engineers each doing their part as well as working together to deliver music of the highest quality.

In our studio we are equipt to help with the songwriting, arrangement, production and mix as well as drawing on a large network to secure a satisfying process and end result. We love music and value each part of the process in making it.

On that note it should be mentioned that Rummed/ The Space is a part of Lydhavnen which is a collaboration platform. Lydhavnen consists of the inherrent network of people within different areas of the production of music located at Jægergårdsgade 152 in Aarhus. For example we use E.T. Mastering for mastering, we work with Gyraf Audio gear by Jakob Erland for production and mix and when tracking drums we often do so in collaboration with Feedback Studio.

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